Linkedin Pixel Code Writing newsletters: An art to reach your customers?

Writing newsletters: An art to reach your customers?


Almost anyone can write a newsletter, as long as they have a base with MailChimp or another such software. However, not everyone can write a good newsletter. That is to say, write a newsletter that will bring an excellent return on investment for very few unsubscribes.

At Doussou Formation, we offer two training courses related to this objective which will certainly help your sales: E-Mailing (Newsletter Training) and MailChimp.

MailChimp: What is it?

It is undoubtedly the best known platform for managing your newsletters. Very flexible, intuitive and with a neat interface, MailChimp is an essential ally. One of the major strengths of using this type of software rather than sending your newsletters through Outlook is that it offers several measurement tools. Indeed, you will be able to see if people have received your emails, opened them and how many of them have unsubscribed. After many measures, you will be able to adapt your strategies in order to better achieve your goals in terms of E-Mailing.


MailChimp training at Doussou Formation

At Doussou Formation, we offer several training courses, one of which is aimed exclusively at learning MailChimp. The handling of this tool is not witchy. Nevertheless, MailChimp offers so many possibilities that it remains essential to know them if you want to get out of the game and get the best return on investment.

Together, let’s see what MailChimp is and what its strengths are. Next, we’ll explore setting up your account, as well as your campaign settings. Finally, we will look at how you can personalize your newsletters with MailChimp to improve your conversion rate.

Our trainers have more than 20 years of experience in marketing and the newsletter remains an accessible tool, but the mechanics of which must be understood. Learn MailChimp this year with Doussou Formation and reach your goals.

E-Mailing training at Doussou Formation

If you want to learn the basics of the newsletter, this is the ideal training to do so. MailChimp is a powerful tool, but if you don’t know what a newsletter is or how to use it for your purposes, you better start with the basics.

Fortunately, Doussou Formation offers this course! A newsletter is intended for your mailing list to announce information to them. It goes without saying that by personalizing it, you will get a better return on investment. People have very little time and their attention span is short (think of a goldfish). So you want to stand out and have them read your messages. Here is precisely what you will see with us during the E-Mailing training.

Thus, we will present the content of a good newsletter, but also the container. That is to say the marketing strategy surrounding it. You will have the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice in a practical workshop where you will have to design a newsletter by meeting certain criteria. The legal question now arises in Canada when sending newsletters, you will also see it so as not to be surprised. Finally, which is possibly the most important, you will learn how to measure the performance of your latest newsletter and understand the data in order to improve it.


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