Linkedin Pixel Code Which tool to use for illustration and vector drawing? : Adobe Illustrator

Which tool to use for illustration and vector drawing? : Adobe Illustrator


Are you talented and have you designed the logo for your new company yourself? However, every time you change the size of it, are you affecting the quality? That’s because you’re not using Illustrator!

Adobe Illustrator: What is it?

Adobe Illustrator is, as its name suggests, software for creating illustrations. So you can prepare logos and designs on it. This is the important distinction to make with Photoshop which instead focuses on photo editing. Another distinction to make is that Illustrator uses the vector image. Basically, the software takes mathematical formulas to generate your illustrations. So when you enlarge or reduce your drawings, it’s just the equation data that changes. You won’t have to deal with this, all you need to remember is that your image won’t lose quality since there are no pixels unlike Photoshop.

Illustrator, like its cousins ​​Photoshop, Premiere Pro or InDesign, remains an Adobe creation. Launched in 1987, the software has received myriad improvements since then. Always more accessible, the software which had started on small black and white screens is now a reference for illustration.

Also, Adobe Illustrator chose the Béziers curve as the starting line. Thus, you only have to modify this curve in order to describe circles or other geometric shapes. Initially, this was intimidating for users. But the latter quickly realized that there were many advantages over the price.


Adobe Illustrator: What are the benefits?

The biggest advantage remains, without a doubt, the possibility of modifying the size of an image without losing resolution quality. This is due to the fact that to constitute an image, Illustrator does not use pixels, but rather vectors.

Obviously, each element that makes up your illustration can also be modified endlessly without losing resolution. It is therefore a plus if you have to create images whose format is gigantic or if you have to transpose an image that was originally small on a large surface.

The number of tools at your fingertips is immense. If you can think of it, chances are you can do it with Illustrator. Moreover, even if in this chapter Illustrator cannot compete with InDesign, you still have the possibility of creating more than one page. This is an advantage over Photoshop where you are limited to one page.


Adobe Illustrator: How can Doussou help you?

As we mentioned, the Béziers curve or vectors can be off-putting when you are not familiar with them. But if you want to do professional illustrations, learning to use Illustrator will be your most profitable investment.

At the end of your training with us, you will be autonomous with Illustrator and will be able to produce the logo of your future company yourself. You will be able to put your ideas on paper, however brilliant and original they may be.

We will introduce the course with a learning of the interface and the basics. When you’re ready, we’ll teach you about vector drawing, editing illustrations, and bringing in masks. Next, we’ll explore text and layers. Finally, Doussou Formation will teach you how to export your work in order to benefit the world. Our approach allows us to adapt to your needs and desires. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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