Linkedin Pixel Code After Effects Training | The most complete - 5 days

After Effects Training | The most complete – 5 days

Classes in: Online course, virtual classroom (remote), Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec, at your offices

Course details

Introduction to After Effects training

After Effects software features

Presentation of the working interface: tools, menus, panels …

Opening of a new working document

Organization of the project window

Job registration



Adding and removing animation keys

Adding markers for synchronizing sound and animation

Exploring the Motion Sketch window


Text animations

Creating text in point and text in paragraph

Transforming text using layer properties

Transforming text using predefined animations

Animation by inheritance and by traces

Effects for text: shadows, blurs …

Preview animations in Adobe Bridge


Mounting effects

Using multilayer and effect layer

Overview of the Effects and Presets window

Move, drag, and split the layer

Fades and transitions

Changing duration and extension values


Animations of forms

The pen tool: shape creation

Animation: torsion, zigzag and external rounding

Transformation and connection of the layouts

Transformation of text into vector form


Slideshows and precompositions




Using masks

Use of aesthetic and moving masks

Fusion mode


Animations and characters

The puppet tool: deformation and animation of objects

Dynamic keyframe recording


The effects

The effects: cycore, fractal noise, particles, effects “systems” and others …

Recording effects


Building a 3D environment

The X, Y, Z axes

Dynamic cameras: camera animation

Lighting and effects



The links between the properties of the various effects

Effects control over time

Loops and interdependencies

Layering grouping


Audio effects

Sound effects

Wave and frequency


Advanced Audio Editing

Adobe Audition and AE software




Luma and Alpha caches

Effects created through caches


Rendering and leaving

Backup and export project

Customizing output functions

High quality rendering

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  • A course material for each participant
  • Support of the trainer after the training
  • We offer you in public session:
    • Tea, coffee
    • Parking (only in some cities)
    • Wireless internet connection

Préalables :

Follow or master the basics of the After Effects workshop.

Objectifs :

Montréal :

Québec :

Gatineau / Ottawa :

Moncton :

Classe virtuelle (en ligne) :


2549 $

per participant

Duration :5 day(s), is 35 hours.
Hours: 9 am-5pm, 2 coffee breaks.

See the lesson plan in PDF

Locations: Montreal, Gatineau / Ottawa, Quebec City.

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Regular price: 2999 $

*The preferential rate applies if you register at least two participants in the same session.

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Formation en ligne

Vidéos de formations sur les logiciels en bureautique

Mark Plouffe, Gouvernement du Canada/ Government of Canada

“ I want to thank you both for providing my resources some excellent training(Cobol) over the past 3 days. Mamadou, thank you for being so accommodating on such short notice and for sending your facilitator to Gatineau for this customised and personalised training course. We’ll look forward to continuing our partnership for future training needs. “

Maryse Duguay - Analyste fonctionnelle Base de donnée - Montréal

“J’ai grandement apprécié les méthodes d’enseignement du prof. Le fait que nous soyons un petit groupe a grandement facilité les apprentissages. Il s’adapte à son audience et les exercices sont formateurs. Je recommande fortement. “

Martin Côté - Analyste Assurance Qualité - Travailleur autonome – Montréal

“ Ce fut un plaisir de faire affaires avec Doussou Formation. Ce qui fait LA différence est le service personnalisé totalement à l'écoute des participants ainsi que l'adaptation aux besoins de formation. Flexibilité / Adaptabilité / Professionnalisme / Courtoisie. Merci!“