Linkedin Pixel Code Antidote: The cure for all your words?

Antidote: The cure for all your words?


Since you’ve been on the job market, you’ve probably had to write hundreds of texts. It’s inevitable. Do you wonder what else is inevitable? Reread 10 times looking for an embarrassing mistake. Whether it is because of a grammar that has been left in the old drawer since the sweet school years, or even the Bescherelle whose dusty pages live a daily life in the dark. There are many reasons for this stress of writing well. High school French lessons are far in our memories and even if we wrote it very well at the time, the fact remains that oversights may have occurred over time. This is where Antidote comes in to spare you the nervousness of making a mistake. As they say, Antidote is the cure for all your “words”.


Antidote: What is it?

The simple answer: Several things. Obviously, we will talk about the large inventory of tools offered by Antidote. First, there is the concealer. It is an extremely powerful and constantly updated tool for writing with a clear head. Indeed, it is combined with several other word processing software such as Word or your email box, for example. By passing your text to the proofreader, the latter identifies possible mistakes by explaining why it would be a mistake and by proposing solutions. Remember the word “possible”. Antidote is a powerful tool, but it is up to the human being who writes to take the time to decide whether there is material to correct or not. There are also filters and various options to customize your experience. For example, you may prefer to write unreformed (onion) or rectified (ognon) French. You can also choose the origin of your language which will then include some local flavors such as Quebec French or Swiss French.

You can have Antidote on your computer, but also on mobile. With constant technological improvements, more and more people use their mobile to work or send emails. Antidote thus offers its services on this platform. Also, you can combine the offer with Antidote+ which is the same fantastic software in a multi-platform version. That is to say, we can correct on tablet, phone, computer or Chromebook.

Then another tool that Antidote offers would be dictionaries. These are immensely complete and offer several different tools. For example if we search for the word “formation” we give the definition or definitions (Action of forming, of forming, the way in which something appears, is formed). We will also give the etymology of the word (from Latin: formatio “action of forming”). We specify the index of use, that is to say to what extent we find it in the French language. And that’s just the first page! Phrases, synonyms, antonyms, conjugations, thesaurus, analogies, quotations including the word or even the history of the etymology. Only one section talking about Doussou Formation is missing for a 100% rating.

Finally, Antidote offers guides to explain the French language and its different facets. Be it grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, rectifications and many more things. In short, if you are not sure about a rule, all you have to do is open the Antidote guides. When in doubt, there is an answer with this software.


How can Doussou help you tame Antidote?
Offering a multitude of advanced tools to improve our texts and the quality of the language, Antidote is a must. In the same vein, Doussou Formation is essential for your training needs. We know how challenging writing can be. Our training courses are tailor-made to your profession and your needs. This with the objective that you come out of one of our training courses with the assurance of having learned something useful and relevant. Our course not only teaches you how to correct in the right way, but you will also know how to better enrich your texts. The language is a toolbox. Garnish it with Antidote and Doussou Formation by following our training.


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M. Bourassa - Technician in data management Bas-Saint-Laurent

“Doussou formation provided us with excellent Oracle / SQL training adapted to our work environment and our needs. We are very satisfied with the achievements obtained after three days of training and very much appreciated the adaptability of the training. "

Camil Laurence - PHP Developer Montreal, participating in PHP Symfony and Zend Framework training

“The trainer is an excellent teacher. He has his material perfectly. Its training is tailored to participants and in line with market needs. The classroom atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. A "must" to stay up to date with new web development technologies. "