Training for non-profit organizations

NPOs work tirelessly for many causes helping communities. Doussou Formation approaches its operations with the same state of mind. We believe in our teams, we want to make a difference with the people who take courses with us and we constantly want to be more efficient. In this sense, we understand the mission of NPOs and have worked with many of them in the past. In order to help you assist the communities, we offer indirect support by giving our training courses at 50% of the price when attended by 2 or more people from an NPO. Doussou Formation is the first step to train your employees and make your organization efficient. Help more, help better by taking one of our many great training courses.

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Mark Plouffe, Gouvernement du Canada/ Government of Canada

I want to thank you both for providing my resources some excellent training(Cobol) over the past 3 days. Mamadou, thank you for being so accommodating on such short notice and for sending your facilitator to Gatineau for this customised and personalised training course. We’ll look forward to continuing our partnership for future training needs.

Maryse Duguay – Business Analyst

I appreciated the teacher's teaching methods. The fact that we are a small group made learning easier. He adapts to his audience and the exercises are formative. I highly recommend.

Martin Côté - Quality Assurance Analyst - Self-employed - Montreal

It was a pleasure to do business with Doussou Formation. What makes THE difference is the personalized service that fully listens to the participants as well as the adaptation to training needs. Flexibility / Adaptability / Professionalism / Courtesy. Thank you!