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Photoshop: a versatile tool?


Photoshop is widely recognized for retouching photos. However, the possibilities are much greater. Whether you’re a beginner or have basic knowledge, you might be surprised at how much you can do with Photoshop. Its tools allow you to let your imagination run wild. All you have to do is explore the possibilities.

Photo retouching

Of course, we can edit photos using the software. Whether it is to correct a defect, remove an element that bothers your eye, change the color of a sweater, your hair or add snow, your imagination is the only limit you have! Then just like Illustrator offers, you also have the ability to play with the colors of your photos, sharpness, contrast, etc. If you have old damaged photos at home, you can even rework them to restore them to their first day appearance. Restoration is a very interesting option so as not to leave your old photos sleeping in a closet.



The software allows you to create very realistic montages. With time and patience, you can achieve quite an impressive result! What is also called photomontage consists of cutting photos in order to arrive at a final montage. While before this process was done with paper and scissors, the arrival of Photoshop has completely changed the creation of photomontage. In order to achieve a result that seems realistic, you can work on the exposure as well as the lighting of your montage. Thanks to the layers that can be superimposed, you can create totally unique images.



Photoshop provides you with many tools for drawing. We can name the pencil, the brushes, the geometric shapes, the airbrush as well as the pen. You will then be able to create awesome gradients and textures on your creation.

Using the software on your tablet with a pen is a great option to consider. On the one hand, it’s easier to carry a tablet than a computer, but on the other hand, your drawings will probably be more precise than if they were done with your mouse.


Video and gif

The software created by Adobe offers the possibility of building videos. On the other hand, Photoshop was not originally designed for editing. It is possible to do, but it will take some work. If you don’t want to worry too much, you’re probably better off using specialized video editing software.

Animated gifs, which have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, can be created using Photoshop. You have the option to create it with a short video or either, with a series of images normally taken in burst mode.


How can Doussou Formation help you master Photoshop?


Whether you know absolutely nothing about the software, whether you have a basic or are quite advanced, Doussou Formation has training adapted for you as well as to push your knowledge even further.