Linkedin Pixel Code Looking for a tool for your multi-page needs? : Consider Adobe InDesign

Looking for a tool for your multi-page needs? : Consider Adobe InDesign


InDesign, as its name suggests, is graphic design software. The latter offers about the same tools as its Photoshop and Illustrator cousins. On the other hand, the real strength of InDesign is multi-page work. So, if you have to produce books, brochures or flyers, for example, InDesign will be your best tool.

Adobe InDesign: What are the benefits?

It is a software that was launched in 2002 with the aim of replacing PageMaker. We must therefore see InDesign as a mix of Photoshop, Illustrator and Word. You will be able to independently process your content there thanks to the boxes. So you might have text in one and a photo in another. Your modifications can be done separately and will not impact the other content boxes.

Thus, InDesign remains the ultimate tool for layout. This is the main advantage of using this software. Indeed, you can work on several pages, unlike Photoshop which only allows you to work on one page at a time.

The software allows you to export your files in PDF for printing or in SWF for the internet. Very versatile and offering many tools, InDesign is a lever for your multi-page document projects.

So you can mix text, pixel content and vector images. All this, on one page. This is obviously one of the main attractions of InDesign. Not being as advanced as its Photoshop or Illustrator counterparts, it nevertheless offers a lot of tools and comes first when it comes to multi-page documents.


Adobe InDesign: How can Doussou Formation help you?

Getting started with new software is never easy. We know this well and that is why we have designed a tailor-made training to teach you how to use InDesign. We will start by showing you the interface of this software. Once you’re comfortable with the elements, we’ll dive deeper into them, starting with document creation and content block management. You will then see the text within InDesign and then the tables. Next, we’ll explore color management together. Once these basic elements are understood, you will be ready for the more advanced content.

That is to say, the advanced layout allowing to design a book for example. Or, dynamic legends for example. With the tools of InDesign and the expertise of Doussou Formation, designing multi-page documents of professional quality will no longer be a secret for you.

Our training revolves around theoretical and practical elements in order to make you work on your learning. Our tailor-made formula allows our trainers to adapt to your needs and desires so that you improve the aspects you will use.


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