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Classes in: Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec, Sherbrooke, Winnipeg, and Saguenay (Chicoutimi)

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Brief Container History and Docker Overview

Containerization vs. Virtualization
Docker what is it?
Docker Architecture
Image concept
Docker Hub and Registry
Persistence and volumes
Containers and Infrastructures
Automation of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Infrastructure at CaaS (Container as a Service)
CaaS solutions: Docker Compose, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
Architecture of Kubernetes
Node, pod and container
Docker Toolbox
Provision and Configure its Docker Development Environment with the Vagrant Solution
Build and launch your Docker box with the Vagrantfile file


Start containers and build images

Docker CLI
Start your first Docker container
Start containers, expose ports, and attach volumes
Build your first Docker image: the Dockerfile file
Main Dockerfile Commands
Copy files to the Docker image
Launch JAR files from a Docker image
Docker and Maven
Docker and Gradle
Push the image into the Docker Hub


Networking and persistence storage with Docker

Docker network type: Bridge, Host, and None
Network orders, docker network
Connect a container to the network
Expose port and port mapping
Practical Workshop: Start the Payara server and expose its ports
Storage persist
Commands for Docker Volume Management
Creating / deleting a volume
Docker volume
Practical workshop: Implementation of docker volumes


Multi-container applications

Introduction to Docker Compose
Scenarios for implementation
Compose Docker File
Main Docker Commands Composed
Presentation and Architecture of Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
Cluster, Pod, Cluster, Node and Kubelet concept
Multi Container Application with Docker Compose
Docker Swarm cluster configuration


Container monitoring

Log display, docker log command
Inspect a container, inspect docker order
Stats on a container, docker stats command


  • A course material for each participant
  • Support of the trainer after the training
  • We offer you in public session:
    • Tea, coffee
    • Dinner at a nearby restaurant
    • Parking (only in some cities)
    • Wireless internet connection

Objectifs :

Understand the fundamental concepts of Docker Develop, deploy and monitor its multi-container applications on hosts and different targets

Nos formations se font présentement en classe virtuelle(à distance), nous proposerons des formations en classe physique seulement si la situation sanitaire le permettra

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2039 $

per participant

Duration : 4 day(s), is 28 hours.
Hours: 9 am-5pm, 2 coffee breaks, dinner offered at 12 noon.

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Locations: Montreal, Gatineau / Ottawa, Quebec City.

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Mark Plouffe, Gouvernement du Canada/ Government of Canada

“ I want to thank you both for providing my resources some excellent training(Cobol) over the past 3 days. Mamadou, thank you for being so accommodating on such short notice and for sending your facilitator to Gatineau for this customised and personalised training course. We’ll look forward to continuing our partnership for future training needs. “

Maryse Duguay - Analyste fonctionnelle Base de donnée - Montréal

“J’ai grandement apprécié les méthodes d’enseignement du prof. Le fait que nous soyons un petit groupe a grandement facilité les apprentissages. Il s’adapte à son audience et les exercices sont formateurs. Je recommande fortement. “

Martin Côté - Analyste Assurance Qualité - Travailleur autonome – Montréal

“ Ce fut un plaisir de faire affaires avec Doussou Formation. Ce qui fait LA différence est le service personnalisé totalement à l'écoute des participants ainsi que l'adaptation aux besoins de formation. Flexibilité/Adaptabilité/Professionnalisme/Courtoisie. Merci!“