Beginning InDesign course | Montreal |Quebec | Gatineau

Classes in: Online, virtual classroom (remote), Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec, Sherbrooke, Toronto, Saguenay (Chicoutimi);. Customizable training in private session.

Adobe InDesign is a layout software, it allows you to create magazines, newspapers, brochures, it allows to apply complex and creative layouts.

This InDesign training introduces you to the InDesign software interface, the tools palette, the various menus and their functions, as well as the work panels.

Using blocks for importing images and text. See the different color modes for creating a custom palette. Introduce yourself to creating paintings that are in harmony with the layout. Integrate automatic pagination with models.

Explore the different export formats of the document according to its use.

Besoins technologiques pour la formation en ligne: avoir un ordinateur connecté à internet et un microphone.

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Introduction to InDesign Training

Understanding the tool palette the interface
customization of the workspace.

Manipulate and manage blocks

Chaining text blocks.
Operate automatic scales.
Landmarks (editing, commented)
Understand the concept of page grid.
Placement: block alignment
Rotation: Tilt: Scaling
Container Modification: Content
Editing the contour

Master paragraphs in InDesign

Formatting text with the control bar
Placement of the text
Paragraph style and preferences
Text on a path
Stringing Text Blocks: Text Block Options

InDesign and the Tables

Create a table
Import a table from Word
Import a table from Excel
Cell formatting: rows: columns
Use images
Bridge: mini-Bridge:
Importing images
Links panel
Placement: clipping: framing
Simple dressing

Learn how to manage colors in InDesign

Creation: color edition
Using the color chart
Libraries of shades
Gradient creation
Four-color separation: CMYK: CMYK
Verification of the document
Checking Fonts: Images Used
Overview of the overprint
Separation overview
Assembly of the document
Control test: export
Detail of the print dialog
Creating predefined parameters
Export to PDF for the printer
Other export formats

Autre(s) cours dans cette catégorie

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  • A course material for each participant
  • Support of the trainer after the training
  • We offer you in public session:
    • Tea, coffee
    • Parking (only in some cities)
    • Wireless internet connection

Préalables :

  • Have a good command of your computer environment MAC or PC

Objectifs :

  • Master the basics of layout using InDesign.

Our training is currently done in virtual classroom (online) , we will only offer physical class training if the health situation will allow it

Montréal :

Québec :

Gatineau / Ottawa :

Classe virtuelle (en ligne) :



per participant

Duration :2 day(s), is 14 hours.
Hours: 9 am-5pm, 2 coffee breaks.

See the lesson plan in PDF

Locations: Montreal, Gatineau / Ottawa, Quebec City.

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Regular price: On demand

*The preferential rate applies if you register at least two participants in the same session.

 Beginning InDesign course | Montreal |Quebec | Gatineau

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Also available in private session.
offer is valid from 01/01/2022.

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Beginning InDesign course | Montreal |Quebec | Gatineau
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Beginning InDesign course | Montreal |Quebec | Gatineau
Beginning InDesign course | Montreal |Quebec | Gatineau
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Mark Plouffe, Gouvernement du Canada/ Government of Canada

“ I want to thank you both for providing my resources some excellent training(Cobol) over the past 3 days. Mamadou, thank you for being so accommodating on such short notice and for sending your facilitator to Gatineau for this customised and personalised training course. We’ll look forward to continuing our partnership for future training needs. “

Maryse Duguay - Analyste fonctionnelle Base de donnée - Montréal

“J’ai grandement apprécié les méthodes d’enseignement du prof. Le fait que nous soyons un petit groupe a grandement facilité les apprentissages. Il s’adapte à son audience et les exercices sont formateurs. Je recommande fortement. “

Martin Côté - Analyste Assurance Qualité - Travailleur autonome – Montréal

“ Ce fut un plaisir de faire affaires avec Doussou Formation. Ce qui fait LA différence est le service personnalisé totalement à l'écoute des participants ainsi que l'adaptation aux besoins de formation. Flexibilité/Adaptabilité/Professionnalisme/Courtoisie. Merci!“