Linkedin Pixel Code Need one of the best video conferencing software? Think Zoom!

Need one of the best video conferencing software? Think Zoom!


It was with the pandemic knocking on our doorstep that we truly tamed remote work. Obviously, mores change and this should remain present in our lives according to many experts even when the situation has resumed its normality. In doing so, the new reality has forced us to contend with remote work software. Also, in order to facilitate meetings with our teammates, Zoom has experienced a real boom.

Zoom: What is it?

Launched in 2012, Zoom is a free software allowing to call each other by videoconference. Thus, we see our interlocutors through their camera and we can talk to them with a microphone. This facilitates exchanges since several colleagues can attend the meeting at the same time. Precisely, 100 people can be connected at the same time during with a time restriction of 40min. This is for the free version. When more time is needed, there is always the possibility of taking out a subscription which allows more people to join the conference and it can be extended to more than one day.

Even though the app has been around for about 10 years, it was with the rise of virus-forced remote work that really created a craze for using this software. In fact, at the start of 2020, we had around 10 million Zoom users daily. Currently, people who use Zoom on a daily basis are closer to 400 million. At this stage, the independent company competes with other already established companies such as Skype, Microsoft or Google.


Zoom: What are the benefits?

First of all, it goes without saying that the freeness of the software is a solid argument. There is a way to create institutional or business accounts. There are also subscriptions. But all the services are accessible free of charge for those who do not use them almost permanently.

Also, Zoom is very stable and has a multitude of tools that people often haven’t heard of. Moreover, Doussou Formation can help you at this level by allowing you to tame the full range of options offered by Zoom.

In addition, Zoom offers options for people with certain disabilities. For example, people who are hard of hearing, blind or mute. Zoom has thought of these people and offers support allowing them to use the software to its full potential.

Being able to share a link accessible to any user (subscriber or not) it only takes one person with an institutional account to have long meetings. The connection is stable and the quality of video and sound are very good. Moreover, the subscription price is very reasonable for those who consider buying the product. At $200 per year, one can have continuous access to all the features of this software.

Zoom: How can Doussou Formation help you?

From the basics to the more advanced sections, we will accompany you so that you can use Zoom at full speed. You will learn how to create your account, join or create meetings, create subgroups or set up file transfer.

“Excellent training that taught me several things about the Zoom platform that I will be able to put into practice quickly. An overview that introduced me to features I didn’t even know existed. The trainer was very professional and attentive to the expectations of the group. »



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