Why choose Doussou Formation for your development? Here are 5 good reasons!

Technology is changing at breakneck speed. Workplaces are following the same trend. In order to stay ahead of this race, you must improve your knowledge. Whatever your needs, your abilities and your field of employment, Doussou Formation is the refueling stop that will propel you to the finish line. Here are 5 good reasons to trust Doussou Formation to enrich your know-how.

  1. A wide variety of training

Our training directory includes more than a hundred. These range from initiations for beginners to advanced courses. Whether you want to take training to improve your knowledge of the French language, master software or improve your use of social media, we can help you. We offer programming courses, training to perfect your skills in human resources, training in web marketing and many more. In short, as you can see, we certainly have a tailor-made course for you. All you have to do is visit our website to find the training that will advance your career.


  1. Approved and experienced trainers

You are professionals who have little time. We understand this well and our trainers too. They have decades of experience and their courses have been tailor-made for people like you. They will seek to understand your needs in order to work precisely on what you want to improve. Also, their large background will allow them to target points that you might not have noticed. Obviously, this will ensure that you will come out of our courses with solid skills thanks to the supervision of our certified trainers.


  1. Certified training

Your success is our motivation. And when you complete a course with Doussou Formation, you’ll get a certificate to show off your hard work and learning. We even offer training recognized by government entities such as our training: “Manage conflicts in the workplace” which is recognized by Emploi-Québec. You will be able to show your employer that you have taken a step forward in terms of your know-how.


  1. Flexibility in content

Thanks to our experienced trainers, the content of our courses will target not only what you want to perfect, but also your needs. We will identify them together and we will work on these shortcomings in order to make them strengths. Doussou Formation sees the potential that exists in you and we want to offer you the tools to take full control of it. Our courses are suitable for groups, individuals and companies. Our practical workshops allow you to work directly on the cases that apply to you. Thus, the relevance of your training will be directly observable. These are modulated for you.


  1. Short learning curve

Going back to school represents an investment in time and money. In addition, this time spent in class will prevent you from working as much. Thus, our flexible and short-term training courses have been designed for professionals. You will acquire the knowledge necessary for your development in a short time. The formula of our courses allows you to learn the important, regardless of the training chosen and to make you practice it so that you incorporate the learning quickly and sustainably.