Photoshop + Illustrator Training (Private Course)

Creative Cloud

Overview of the Adobe Cloud
How the Cloud works

Getting started with Photoshop

Photoshop Interface
Managing the control panel and workspaces
Move tool
Lasso, magic wand and quick selection tool
Managing selections
Color models (RGB, CMYK)
Swatches, gradients and colors
Layers : management and styles
Drawing tools : pencil, airbrush and brush
Eraser tool
Paint bucket tool
Creating and managing text
Convert text to image
Character styles
Color corrections
Vector masks

Discovering Illustrator

Illustrator Interface
Creating a new document
Workspace customization
Zoom and move
Guides and display
Rulers and grids
Managing layers
Selection tools
Drawing using the Pen tool : anchor points, curves and handles
Paths modifications : adding and removing anchor points
Appearance panel
Global colors and swatches
Area type, type on a path and vertical type
Pathfinder tool
Transformation tools
Envelope Distort
Saving and exporting
Saving formats