PhotoShop Course | Continuing Education | the most complete training


Photoshop presentation.


The interface


Management of workspaces

Mini Bridge

Learn the basics

Resolution and definition

Image size and work area

Tools: selection, text, hand, magnifying glass …

Palettes: shapes, layers, colors, patterns …

Understand the difference between CMYK and RGB

Modes of separation (quad, video, TEL, duotones …).

Color palettes for the web.

Adjusting the image

Settings Panel

Adjusting sharpness, curves, levels

Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation

Dark / light tones setting

Homothetic transformation, rotation, symmetry, torsion …

Using Layers

Different types of layers

Layer management

Transparency and blending modes

Fusion mode

Layers of settings

Filling layers

Fusion mask

Text layers


Selection tools: Rectangle, Ellipse, Lasso, Magic Wand …

Selection areas

Edit or transform a selection

Memorize a selection

Progressive contour

Fashion mask

Color range

Gradient, Swatch, Styles, Pantone …

Practical workshop: Create a pattern

Vector drawing in Photoshop

Vector forms

Feather tool

B├ęzier curve tools

Add / remove anchor point


Export your job

Save for printing

Save for the Web

The colors

Settings and filling

Degraded tool

Shapes and vector plots

Multiple selections

Dynamic Form Properties: Rounded

Photo editing

The settings panel


Medium / dark / light tones, advanced options

Fixed automated goal

Blur of the lens

Vanishing Point Tool and Perspective


Camera Raw available as a filter

The fluidity filter

The oil painting filter

Field depth blur

Lens Correction Filter

The adaptive wide-angle filter

The Lighting filter



Automation via Bridge

Gallery of images


Animate with Photoshop

Animation of images

Layer management

Mounting parameter


Key Images

Practical Workshop: Creating an animated gif


Introduction to 3D

Importing 3D objects

Optimization and Export

Export and optimization for printing

Export and optimization for the web